Select up to 3 people you want notified in case of an emergency and choose your PIN's.


Enter Meeting Details, stranger's information and monitor interval. If the safety alert time expires, monitor(s) will be notified. ProVersion will also send your GPS coordinates.


This button immediately emails your monitors and dials 911. The ProVersion also texts, records audio/video, and sends your GPS location to your monitor(s).

Feature Matrix

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Who needs this App?
Anyone in a heightened risk situation: Meeting someone for the first time from a Craigslist Ad, AngiesList,, Eharmony, Facebook, Tinder? Are you a Real Estate Agent? Door to Door sales person? Laborer? Home service provider? Collections agent? Personal Trainer? Elderly? Living Alone? Got a restraining order against someone and concerned they might show up? Bullied at school?
The App that's got your back.
Bmonitored is the perfect solution for anyone who ever sets up meetings with strangers. Bmonitored will be there even if your friends forget. Our App is programmed to check on you automatically at intervals that you set and send out an alert to your monitor(s) if you don't respond.
How does it work?
After the one-time set up of the downloaded App is complete, a meeting start time is entered, Bmonitored will ask you for confirmation that you are safe at the interval you have selected for the duration of the meeting. (From 2 minutes to 24 hours.) When you respond with your one digit PIN # the system clock is reset until the next time interval passes. Bmonitored will again inquire as to your safety until you shut the system off by entering your 4 digit PIN.
What happens if I don't respond?
If you do not respond after the selected interval, Bmonitored will send an automated email/text to your selected Safety Monitor(s) that will include the time and place of your meeting, who you were meeting and how your meeting was initiated. (ie: Craigslist, Angie's List, Eharmony, etc..). This information is only sent if you do not respond, thereby keeping your meeting private until there is a problem. Your monitor will then attempt to contact you and determine if you need immediate assistance. If your monitor(s) can not contact you they can notify the authorities of your last known GPS location (Available in ProVersion) and all of your meeting information.
Additional safety features?
Bmonitored offers an EMERGENCY button in case you require immediate assistance. This button immediately emails your monitor(s) and dials 911. ProVersion also texts, records audio/video, and sends GPS location.

Some of our key features include:


Bmonitored was created in response to today's increase in internet interactions and the need to go and meet strangers for various reasons such as: dating, purchases and the like. Bmonitored saw the need for an App that would increase a person's safety while also keeping their meetings private unless there in a problem. With Bmonitored loaded on your smart phone you'll have peace-of-mind knowing that this App's got your back.

Don't delay. Download the free version of the Bmonitored APP TODAY!